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The Greater Trilby Community Association 
Board of Directors
Proposed Agenda

Monday, October 17, 2005




Meeting at 37504 Trilby United Methodist Church at 7 p.m In the Back


Attendance: Richard Riley

Pledge: Herb Green

Prayer: Denny Mihalinec


Old Business: Minutes

Finances-Kim Rowe

State of the Association. Herb Green


New Business: Denny Mihalinec    

Welcome Sierra O’Neil New Board Member

Need Pictures on web-site of all board members- 

Bring up new board member Trilby Postmistress- ?????

501-C-3 Application and process-

Policy on fees for security patrol, and association dues from community? If so how much?

Kathleen Fink-After school care program

Nov 12th St. Leo Community Day clean up-Who will head this up-Need food for volunteers as well-8-12 p.m.  Shirts will be handed out to participants only.

Thanksgiving Day Food for community? Who is in charge?

Dec 1 Christmas parade Dade City 10 dollars to enter- What are we doing??? Who is in charge?

October 20th Movie Scott Black And Richard Riley- Please spread the word!





Monday, September 12, 2005 --  7 - 8:30 pm

Pledge: Herb Green, President
Prayer: Denny Mihalinec, Board Chair
Attendance: Richard Riley, Secretary

Minutes of previous Board meeting: Richard

Membership Business:  Denny
Nominate and vote on new Treasurer: 
Kim Rowe
        Board member
        Local area Businessman

Nominate and vote on new Board Member:
 Sierra O'Neil-
         Lacoochee Resident and Mt. Moriah Church Member
         Pasco Kids First Employee

Finance Report: (new Treasurer)

General Association Business: Herb

Old Business
New Business
        New mail address:  P. O. Box 33, Trilby, 33593

Board of Directors Business: Denny
Old Business
501(c)(3) Process:  Richard
September 29 Awards Dinner: Food-Etc

New Business: 

September 15th General "Town Hall Meeting"
Guest Speaker to be announced

Any additions please submit to Denny at:
before September 12th




Monday, August 15, 2005

No meeting.  Canceled due to leadership schedule conflicts.



For Monday, July 18th 2005
Meeting 7 p.m

Chairman Denny Mihalinec



State of the Association -- Herb Green, President
Minutes of previous meetings -- Richard Riley, Secretary
Treasurer's Report -- Pauline J. Hunt, Treasurer

Committee Reports

Old business:

Updates on September Diamond Dinner arrangements-


New Business: 

Discuss the 501-c-3 application for TCA- and get it done!!!

 Potential growth In Trilby

Other information and Notices:

Speaker for July 21st meeting--We will have a crime specialist to talk about,protecting yourself from theft of all kinds---


Any additions for this agenda, please contact Denny or Herb --352-583-5936 or 352-518-0980

Need info one week in advance--this is not final till one week before the meeting-all info is subject to change