M06feb13.htm  Feb 16, 06

Minutes of February 13, 2006

Trilby Community Association Executive Committee



Scott Black, Board Chair

Herb Green, President

Richard Riley, Secretary


Herb stated that he had spoken with Denny Mihalinec and asked him to be the Program Chair and Public Relations contact for the GTCA. 


Herb asked about how the By Laws establish the purpose and power of members of the Advisory Board.  He suggested that Richard draft an amendment to the bylaws that provide for the nomination and transference of people to the Advisory Board.


Marlene Nichols has been appointed assistant to the Treasurer, Kim Rowe.  Because of job schedule conflicts, Kim is not able to attend all GTCA meetings, and it is hoped that Marline and Kim can work together to provide information about the financial status of the Association.


Richard reported that he is progressing on the 501(c)(3) application, and will try to send it in soon (like he has been promising for the past six months).


Herb mentioned that he is concerned that the association is incorrectly identified as part of or affiliated with the Trilby United Methodist Church.  No solution was arrived at except to try not to have meetings at the church.


Future meeting times of the Executive Committee will be changed from Monday evenings to the fourth Thursday of the month.  Next meeting of the Board of Directors will be February 23 at 7 pm at the Trilby Community Center.  Executive Committee will meet at 6:30 pm.


Members of the Board of Directors who have not attended recent meetings will be asked if they would like to be transferred to the Advisory Board.  This would allow the Board of Directors to acquire a quorum more easily, and still have the community leaders affiliated with the Association.


Richard reported that Jacob Serrano of DCF has worked with him on getting the computers up and running for the Access program.  They were not set up properly for the video graphics or Ethernet hub.  Now one is working, and the other will be repaired or replaced.  We will be the second Access Site set up in this part of the county.


Herb reported that Kathleen suggested that we contact the State to see if we could take over the mobile home on the Withlacoochee Trail for our offices.


Herb has been asked by Tony of the Sheriff’s office to prepare a history of the Trilby Security Patrol.  Richard, Kathy, Eileen and Herb will work on this.