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Vol. 2, Number 3 –March 2006


Many Dumpsters Filled During

Trilby Clean-up Day


If you were out and about in Trilby on Saturday, February 18 between 10:00 a.m. and noon, you probably saw some of your fellow citizens busily filling trash bags with litter.  They were participating in the first of the Greater Trilby Community Association’s clean-up days.

Delaney Brown picks up trash from illegal dumping on Trilby Cutoff Road

            About 15 people gave up part of their Saturday to help make Trilby a cleaner place to live.  Volunteers worked on Trilby Cutoff Road, Beaver Road, Trilby Road, and Robbins Road.  “Everyone who helped on Trilby Road couldn’t believe the amount of trash there was,” Evalyne Green said, as she prepared the lunch for the volunteers.

Several local people volunteered space in their dumpsters.  Richard and Kathy Riley would have won the prize (if there had been one) for the fullest dumpster.  After cleaning up one particularly large trash heap on Trilby Cutoff Road, Kathy and Delaney and Garfield Brown took a pickup load to the Riley’s dumpster.  Delaney and Garfield took turns stamping down the debris so that it would all fit.  “I sure hope you don’t have any trash for the next couple of days,” Garfield commented as he gave the dumpster load one final stamp down.

            There is still a lot of trash on the roadsides in Trilby.  However, there are a few places along the way that are a little easier on the eye, thanks to the efforts of the clean-up volunteers.

Calling all “old” Trilby families!


Scott Black is coordinating the “First Annual” Trilby Homecoming on Saturday, March 4, 2006, beginning at 10:00 a.m.  Covered dish dinner will be at noon.

The homecoming is being held at the Charlotte Tomkow Hunter Hill residence in Trilby.  It is West of Trilby, off the Trilby/Blanton road at the “S” curve.  36315 Tomkow Lane.  Watch for signs.  Please contact Scott Black at 567-2260, 523-5772 or at for details.

            Since this is a “first ever” event, please RSVP for planning purposes and bring old Trilby photos and family information.



Come Enjoy the Park


Did you know that there is a place, with beautiful trees, quiet open spaces, and plenty of room for your children to play, right here in Lacoochee?  The place is Stanley Park, right across from the elementary school on Cummer Road.

To help celebrate this great resource, several events have been planned for March.  The first event is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 4.  The TCF/Christian Edge Coffee House, jointly with Pasco Parks and Recreation Department, is sponsoring this “Music in the Park” day.

Saturday, March 25th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. is “Kids Day at the Park.”  There will be live music, games for the kids, and sports events with PRIZES awarded.  You can enjoy all this and treat yourself to free hotdogs and soda too.  TCF / Christian Edge Coffee House, J&D Bless a Child Ministry, and the Pasco Parks and Recreation Department are the sponsors.

            Future events include a Fun Day on April 8th, which will feature an Easter egg hunt, two moon walks, crafts, face painting, raffles and games with prizes and FREE food and drinks!  In May, there will be a parade and a multicultural carnival.

            If you have questions about these events, call Dallas Snyder at Stanley Park at 352 583-2507.

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Mihalinec and Linville-Lohl Announce Engagement


Denny S. Mihalinec of Trilby and Brandy Linville-Lohl of Lacoochee recently got engaged in a public proposal at the Christian Edge. 

Brandy served in the United States Air Force as an E.M.T. and delivery nurse of newborn babies.  She is a 1993 graduate of Leesburg High School in Lake County Florida.  Brandy is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Nursing at Pasco-Hernando Community College. 

Denny is a 1992 graduate with Honors at Pasco High School where he was a state football and weightlifting champion.  He is a recent graduate of Pasco-Hernando Community College’s Law and Real-Estate Practices course.  Denny plans to pursue his public relations and marketing degree. 

The couple will live at his estate in Trilby.




The Greater Trilby News

“Serving the Tri-community area”

Publisher:  The Greater Trilby Community Association, (GTCA)

Herb Green --


Editor:  Kathryn Riley --



The Greater Trilby News is a monthly publication of The Greater Trilby Community Association, Inc., and serves the tri-community area consisting of Lacoochee, Trilacoochee, and Trilby.  This newsletter accepts articles concerning the association’s activities and articles of interest to the area.


Recipes Made for March

By Evalyne Green


Baked Apples


3 to 4 apples

1 cup or more of light brown sugar

butter or margarine

ground cinnamon

1 tsp evaporated milk (can substitute whole milk)


Slice unpeeled apples and put one layer in a 1 ½ quart baking dish; sprinkle with brown sugar; add pats of margarine or butter, and sprinkle with ground cinnamon.  Repeat layers until dish is full.  Add milk.  Cook uncovered in microwave for 10 minutes.



Ice Box Cookies


1/13 stick butter

3/4 cup sugar

1 egg

3/4 cup milk

1 cup nuts

1 cup coconut

1 cup graham cracker crumbs


Line a 9 x 13 inch pan with graham crackers.  Melt butter over low heat.  Beat eggs, milk and sugar together.  Mix with butter, bring to a boil.  Remove from heat and add nuts, coconut and cracker crumbs.  Pour over layer of graham crackers.  Top with graham crackers.




3/4 stick butter

2 cups confectioner’s sugar

1 tbsp milk

1 tsp vanilla


Combine icing and beat until smooth, ice cookies.  Chill about two hours.

Cut into bars.  Yield about 4 dozen.





Jewelry Class Offered

                Richard Riley will offer a beginning and intermediate “Silver Wire Jewelry” classes this month at the Community Center.  Classes will be on Wednesdays, the 1st and 15th, and students should contact him.  Call Richard at 583-4994 for details.


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Association Large in Heart and Dedication


We are not large in numbers but we are large in heart and dedication to making Trilby and the Tri-Community area a better, safer community to live in.  We are already making it more convenient for the folks who need it to apply for Medicaid, food stamps and cash assistance.  We are interested in providing our youth with wholesome leisure-time activities, such as Kathleen Fink’s “Trailblazers” Youth Group that meets every Friday night at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center, and the Child Safety Rally, an all-day, annual event, which this year will be held April 29th.

            Soon, there will be a “Career Central” unit in place in the Community Center where interested people can pursue business and supporting educational opportunities.

            We have many ongoing projects presently in effect that we hope you have appreciated and that, perhaps, you can support.  These projects include:  the cleanup of our community by putting on trash/litter collection days, such as the one on Saturday, February 18; presentation of the most interesting “Town Hall” meeting programs available anywhere now that Denny Mihalinec is back as Program Chairman; representing Trilby in parades and other special events by displaying our “one-of-a-kind” Mounted Security Patrol and the caboose float; and bringing you exciting social events (thanks to Eileen Lamb) designed to bring together area people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and financial statuses.

            The association also has a list of future ideas we will pursue.  Among those ideas are: getting a STOP LIGHT at the intersection of Trilby Road and Hwy. 98; putting up “Crime Watch/Security Patrol” signs all over Trilby to let would-be criminals know that we are serious about “no crime permitted” in the area; building a replica of the old water tower back at the old rail site (bike trail intersection with Trilby Road) and restoring the old Trilby business area in its original setting and design.

            Is this all that this dedicated group of Trilbians, known as The Greater Trilby Community Association, has in mind?  Not by a long shot!

            Is this an almost insurmountable task we have taken on?  You betcha! And we plan to see it come about someday with your help.

You can start by attending our Town Hall meetings, held the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Community Center at 7:00 p.m.  This may be all that you have time to offer.  That’s fine.  Your input is a valuable contribution.  But if you have time to help us, that’s GREAT!  We can use your help!


Herb Green, President

The Greater Trilby Community Association




Tri-Community Girl Scouts,

Growing and Busy


Troop 11611, the local chapter of Girl Scouts of America, is growing.  The troop now has 25 members:  twelve Juniors, 8 Brownies and 5 Daisies.  The local chapter meets at the Trilby United Methodist Church, with the Daisies meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and the Brownies and Juniors meeting from 6-8 p.m. on Thursdays.

            The troop is selling Girl Scout cookies right now.  If you wish to support our local group, go to Wesley Chapel on March 11th.  They will have cookie booths at the Cracker Barrel from 9 to noon and at Beef O’Brady’s from 3 to 6 p.m.  The money these girls raise will go toward field trips and help them earn their badges.

Some of the girls need sponsors to buy sashes, etc.  If you want to contribute to them, the troop gladly accepts all donations.  “All donations that are under $50 go directly to the troop,” Brandy Linville, the Brownie troop leader, explained. “Any donations of $50 and over go through the council and we get 10% of the amount.”  If you wish to make a contribution or find out more about the Tri-Community Girl Scouts, call Brandy Linville (352-206-5897) or Hope Fowler (352-260-6160).


REMEMBER:  The DCF ACCESS site will open on March 1st at the Community Center and will be available Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Call Kathleen Fink at 583-5973 to make an appointment.

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Lacoochee Elementary Health Fair Success Despite Rain


The rumbles of thunder and sporadic rain outside did not stop the people attending the Lacoochee Elementary School’s Health Fair from having fun and learning a lot too.  The fair took place Saturday, February 4th in the school’s cafeteria from 10 am to 2 pm.

            “The fair was originally scheduled to be held in Stanley Park, but the rain prevented that from happening” school principal Karen Marler explained.  “The park needs to be used more so we’re going to try and schedule monthly events in the park in conjunction with the Pasco Parks and Recreation Department.  We wouldn’t want the park to close.”

            The health fair brought together numerous service agencies that cover many of the health concerns of individuals and families in the tri-community area.  Pasco Regional Medical Center and the Pasco County Health Department passed out brochures about the services they offer.  Terri Tutor, operations manager of The Suncoast Harvest Food Bank, encouraged fair attendants to take samples of the apples, collard greens, onions and other produce in her display.  “We’re trying to get the word out about our monthly distribution of goods in Stanley Park.  All the items are free to those who meet our income guidelines.”

            A representative of Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc., described the free services it provides for the deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind and speech-impaired who qualify. The Pasco County Branch of the Red Cross distributed “Vials of Life.”  “You put your emergency information, such as your medications and doctor’s numbers, in the vial and put it in your refrigerator.  Then, you put this yellow-orange dot (also included in the vial) on your refrigerator door.  If you are unconscious or unable to speak when the EMTs come, they know to look in the refrigerator if they see the dot on the door,” explained Nancy Harris, Vice Chair of Volunteers for the branch.

            Fair participants could also get free smoke alarms, toothbrushes, and bottled water and other items from other participating agencies.  Kids could get helium balloons, try their skills at jumping rope and using hula-hoops, visit with policemen and examine a fire truck.  Austin Duell, a Lacoochee Elementary School student and future emcee, announced prize give-a-ways every ten minutes, which kept interest high.

            “We hope to make this an annual event,” said Andria Hernandez, parent involvement coordinator at the school and one of the fair organizers.  Perhaps the weather will cooperate next year.



Red Cross volunteers Mary Jane Warner (l)  and Jean VanVoorhis watch as Nancy Harris, Vice Chair of Volunteers explains about the Vials of Life project.


Terry Tutor of the Suncoast Harvest Food Bank shows some of the healthy produce available through her donation program.

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THE SECOND ANNUAL LADIES’ LUNCHEON will be held on Friday, March 31st from noon to 1 p.m.  Last year, Eileen Lamb, the luncheon’s originator, put on a delicious three-course meal consisting of a fruit cup, a shrimp or chicken entrée and lemon tarts for dessert.  She is working on another elegant menu for this year’s luncheon and hopes to see you there.  There is no set donation required and all proceeds go to The Greater Trilby Community Association.  Call Eileen now for reservations at 583-4584.


Tri-Community 4-H Members

Do Well At Fair


The Pasco County Fair ended the weekend of February 25th, but several Tri-Community 4-H club members have memories they can keep all their lives.  Four club members talked about their fair projects at their February 28th meeting in Lacoochee.

John Wheeler and his hog, Sally, worked hard getting ready for the fair.  “I had to feed and water her and practice 30 minutes a day teaching her the special hand movements for the showmanship class.”  Sally must have been a good student because she and John brought home the blue ribbon in the class.  Then John sold Sally for $1600, which is going toward his college education.


Trevor Gibson, 11 years old of Lacoochee, raised a hog.  “My hog’s name was Windy, and I had to check the waterer and feed every day.”  He got his hog in August and by fair time it weighed 258 pounds.  Trevor got $3.75 a pound for his hog.  The money he earned will go toward college.  “And if there’s any leftover it’ll go toward a vehicle (probably a truck) so I can go hunting,” he explained.

            Kristen Siegrist put products of her cooking and sewing talents on display at the fair.  “I made cupcakes with special icing and sprinkles on them, and I also made an elephant puppet,” she said.  The puppet earned her a first place ribbon and the cupcakes got a second place.  “I like to come to 4-H to work on projects.”

            Cheyenne Harris entered a portrait she drew of her best friend, and also made a sock puppet.  “ It was a 4-H clown.  It had a colorful Afro and a tie that said 4-H,”she said.  The puppet earned her a second place ribbon.  Cheyenne likes 4-H.  “It’s a place to hang out with my friends and I like it when we talk about the animals.”

            There are two 4-H Clubs in the Tri-Community area: one is an after-school group that meets at the Lacoochee Elementary School and the other meets at the Christian Edge in Lacoochee.  For more information about these clubs, contact the elementary school at 352-583-3101 or Marion Kaminsky at 352-523-1630.




After-School Tutoring Is Free


            Kathleen Fink reports that the St. Leo’s Good Samaritan students will continue to tutor our children at the Community Center.  Tutoring is free and is every Monday afternoon from 4:00 to 5:30.  Please bring your students.

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March 2005 Community Events 








CC =  Trilby Community Center

 TMC = Trilby Methodist Church

TCE = The Christian Edge coffee house

ART = See article in this newsletter for details



-- 1-3pm Silver Wire Jewelry

-- Line dancing, 9:30 to 11:30 am at TMC





--Trilby Homecoming, 10 to noon, ART

--Music in the Park, 10 to 2, Stanley Park, ART



-- Oil painting, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at CC

-- FREE after-school tutoring, 4:00 pm to 5:30 at CC

-- Elaine’s Cloggers, 6:30 to 8:00 pm at CC



-- Line dancing





Girl Scout cookie sales, 9 to noon and 3 to 6 in Wesley Chapel, ART



-- Oil painting

-- Tutoring

-- Elaine’s Cloggers




-- 1-3pm Silver Wire Jewelry

--Line dancing



GTCA general meeting, 7pm at CC


-- Lacoochee Commodities (Food) Distribution, 10:00 am to noon at Stanley Park, Lacoochee (for those who qualify)






-- Oil painting

-- Tutoring

-- Elaine’s Cloggers



Line dancing


--One-stroke painting, 2 to 4 at CC

--GTCA executive committee meeting, 7pm at CC


GTCA Security Patrol meeting, 7 pm at CC



“Kids Day in the Park”, 10 to 4, Stanley Park, ART



-- Oil Painting

-- Tutoring

-- Elaine’s Cloggers





Ladies Luncheon, noon to 1, ART



East Pasco S.T.E.P.S Looking for Area Support

By Denny S. Mihalinec


East Pasco STEPS, which stands for -school tools that empower and promote success, is a nonprofit organization founded here in the Tri-Community by local leaders and in partnership with Bob Loring and Toys For Tots and the Congress of the American Dream Practitioners.  The purpose of STEPS is to help our low-income neighbors who may have a hard time buying school supplies for their kids in the upcoming school year.

This year captains are Denny S. Mihalinec and co-captain Brandy Linville. We want to get a head start on raising funds and supplies so we will have more than enough to help our neighbors.  All checks can be made out to East Pasco Steps Inc and mailed to: East Pasco Steps Inc, 19540 Old Trilby Road, Dade City, FL 33523, Attn: Denny S. Mihalinec.  All money raised stays here in the Tri-Community. If your club or business or if you personally want to help please call us at 352-518-0980 or e-mail us at  This year there will be 5 distribution sites around East Pasco. 

Our web site is  Any supplies left over go directly to Lacoochee Elementary School.  We will accept socks, underwear, backpacks, shoes, and school supplies.  All such donations have to be brand new.