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Vol. 3, Number 1 – January / February 2007      www.trilbyfl.com


Non-Profit Status Still Progressing


One of the advantages of being a non-profit organization is that you don’t have to pay taxes on your income like normal businesses.  One of the disadvantages is that you have to convince the government that you really are here for service to the community, and not for making money.

Another advantage is that when regular businesses donate to you or give you a grant, they can get a benefit to their taxes.  The disadvantage is that without proof that you are non-profit, they seldom donate or contribute. 

This “certification” of being a good organization in the eyes of the US Government is called having “501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.”

Two years ago, the association started the application process.  It involved a twenty-five page application, and after several false starts and personal delays, our Secretary finally completed it and sent it in around May 15 of 2006. 

The beginning of February 2007, we finally got a reply from the IRS, asking for more information before they could approve us.  They would like us to modify our articles of incorporation with the State of Florida to include some boilerplate phrases that essentially say that the officers cannot benefit and that any funds must be used only for community purposes.  The Secretary, Richard Riley stated that although it would take time for the Florida Secretary of State to process the change, we would have no problem.

The other request is for an accounting of our income, expenditures, and projected funding.  No problem there either, according to GTCA Treasurer, Kim Rowe.  He and Assistant Treasurer Marlene Sheldon will be working on it immediately.

“This status will significantly increase our ability to acquire resources,” stated President Herb Green.  “We have been frustrated by this significant roadblock and it now looks like we will have a better chance at bringing funds into our community.”

The text of the letter from the IRS is at: http://www.trilbyfl.com/oldtca/501/501.htm.

Roads Coming and Going


The renovation and extension of Christian Road in the southern part of Trilby is being completed and will probably be open to all traffic by the time you read this.

Another local change is the closing of parts of Polite Avenue, in the central part of our community.

Planned for the past three years, and with a lot of land donated by the Trilby Estates landowners, the improvement of Christian Road from Powerline Road to US 301 is wider, paved, and extended to US 301.  Previously, people traveling from the Christian Road area had to come up to Old Trilby Road before getting to US 301.  Now the road goes straight and the turn islands on US 301 have been moved and redesigned.  (See photos on page 4.)

As to the future of Trilby Estates, there is no more information about when or who will develop the “Estates.”  All we can find out is that nothing has been submitted to the County Development Review Committee, and that has to happen before any road is cut or foundation laid.  What happened last year was the process for changing the zoning from Agricultural to a subdivision.  Now they can sit on it until the market improves or if somebody else wants to buy the entire thing.  But they have the right to build a subdivision of 85 homes.

Back in the area between Old Trilby Road and Trilby Road, there is an old road, Polite Avenue that paralleled the old Orange Belt rail line and runs between Trilby Cutoff Road and Powerline Road.  It appears that the people who bought the land that was the rail line last year have decided to fence it off for their cattle business, but in the process, they have blocked and fenced off the middle of the road.  People who live on Polite Avenue can still access their property, but the middle of the road is blocked.  




Ham and Bean Soup Dinner


Trilby United Methodist Church is holding a Ham and Bean Soup Supper on Friday, February 9, 2007 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.  Donations are $5 per meal, which includes soup, cornbread, salad and desert.  Meals are available for “sit-down” or take-out.

This is the second in a series of fund raising dinners that the congregation of the church is hosting to raise funds, awareness, and to provide a service to the northeast Pasco community. 

The church is at 37504 Trilby Road.  Please call 352-583-2577 for further information.

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The Security Patrol Needs You!


The Greater Trilby Security Patrol (GTSP) is a volunteer organization supported by the Crime Prevention Department of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and needs more volunteers.  You are eligible if you are 18 years of age or over and haven’t had any felony or serious misdemeanor convictions.  

Selected volunteers go through a 4-hour training program and two 2-hour patrols with a certified Security Patrol member.  Uniforms and insignia/markings for your car are furnished plus a gas allowance for each patrol. You determine when and the length of your patrol with the GTSP Patrol Coordinator.

GTSP has been operational for almost 2 years and has been working to control crime in the Trilby area but we need to do more by scheduling daytime patrols and additional night patrols.

We are fully supported by the Sheriff’s Department and actually operate under its auspices. If we call in suspicious activity, a Sheriff’s Deputy is usually there in a very few minutes!

Come join us and enjoy the experience!   Call me at 583-5936 or GTCA at 583-4150 during office hours 10 am to 1 pm Tuesday thru Saturday for more information.

Herb Green, Pres. GTCA




Trilby Trailblazers Youth Group


          The Trilby Trailblazers will be on a GTCA float in the Pasco County Fair parade on the 19th of this month.  They are working with the association in a spring and a fall clean-up.  They also took a trip to the most recent shuttle launch at NASA.



ACCESS Florida Logo

Automated Community Connection to Economic Self-Sufficiency

Apply for Food Stamps, Temporary Cash Assistance or Medicaid.

Apply for Food Stamps, Temporary Cash Assistance or Medicaid.

Report Changes to your Food Stamps, Temporary Cash Assistance or Medicaid case.

Check Case Status or Benefit Information.

Medicare Prescription Drug Program - SSA's Low Income Subsidy application.

Information for Hurricane Katrina Evacuees

These services are available 10 am to 1 pm,

Tuesday through Saturday

at the Trilby House (Community Center),

37452 Trilby Road

Across from the Trilby Post Office

This service is provided by GTCA in cooperation with the Florida Department of Children and Families

Kim’s Back in Business


By Herb Green

Kim’s Play-A-Round is back in business with expanded facilities for both youth and adults alike.



He offers such things as Putt-Putt Golf, a challenging 18-hole miniature course, Hosers and Sniper paint ball fields (40-player capacity); slot car racing (90 foot track with six lanes), RC vehicle racing in 200 foot obstacle course under the tent; an inflated moon walk and a climbing wall for kids.  A picnic area, grill, foose ball and air hockey are also available.

Kim Rowe, who owns and operates the facility, is a good man who runs a disciplined facility for the youth.  This is definitely a safe facility for young people to have fun and fellowship in the Trilby area.


In the near future, the Greater Trilby Community Association will seek assistance to subsidize the operation for church-based and other organized groups in the area.  It will be for both start-up groups and to help expand existing youth groups.  There will be little or no cost to these organized youth groups.  Competitive sports events are being considered.


Kim’s Play-A-Round is at 37644 Trilby Road on the corner with US 98.  (See the fliers printed on another page for further information.)


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Local Church News


Baptist Pastor in Thailand


            The new pastor for the Trilby Baptist Church, Art Sanborn, is presently in Thailand with members of his family and expects to return to Trilby in the next few weeks.

            According to church deacon, Dan Saltsman, plans are in progress to host “Youth With A Mission” (YWAM) training here in Trilby.  This could be a full week of training for attendees, with ongoing classes. 



Trilby Baptist Church

Art Sanborn, Pastor

Sunday School   9:45 am

Sunday Worship           11:00 am

Sunday Evening              6:30 pm

Wednesday Service        6:30 pm



Trilby United Methodist Church

Dave Huff, Pastor

Sunday School 10:00 am

Sunday Worship           11:15 am

Tuesday Bible Study       7:30 pm




Beltway Being Discussed in Area


            The Florida Department of Transportation is presently considering a large, multi-modal, beltway going around the Tampa Bay area.  One path being considered is to start in Hernando County and coming through Trilby or Blanton, around Dade City, and then down to Charlotte County.

            The Board of County Commissioners will be holding workshops on these plans in the next month, and a local group, Northeast Pasco Concerned Citizens, will be expressing their concerns at the next BOCC meeting in Dade City, March 13.  Trilby resident, Richard Riley, requested such an opportunity at the February meeting.


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Trilby Security Patrol


            The Trilby Security Patrol is expanding its coverage to include the entire Christian Road, Trilacoochee, and outlying areas of Trilby Road in the West.

            The expansion of the Patrol is because of specific requests by residents in those areas and recent problems.


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