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Vol. 3, Number 3 – May / June 2007


Non-Profit Status -- Finally!

The Greater Trilby Community Association, Inc. is now a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service.

The advantages of being a non-profit organization are that we don’t have to pay taxes on our organization income like normal businesses and when regular businesses donate to us or give us a grant, they can get a benefit to their taxes.

We have finally been able to convince the government that we really are here for service to the community, and not for making money.

This "certification" of being a good organization in the eyes of the US Government is called having "501(c)(3) tax-exempt status."

Two years ago, the association started the application process. It involved a twenty-five page application, and after several false starts and personal delays, our Secretary finally completed it and sent it in around May 15 of 2006.

The beginning of February 2007, we finally got a reply from the IRS, asking for more information before they could approve us.

"This status will significantly increase our ability to acquire resources," stated President Herb Green. "We have been frustrated by this significant roadblock and it now looks like we will have a better chance at bringing funds into our community."


Chicken and Dumpling Dinner

Trilby United Methodist Church is holding a Chicken and Dumpling Supper on Friday, June 15, 2007 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Donations are $6 per meal, which includes vegetables and dessert. Meals are available for "sit-down" or take-out.

This is the third in a series of dinners that the congregation of the church is hosting to raise funds, and awareness, and to provide a service to the northeast Pasco community.

The church is at 37504 Trilby Road. Please call 352-583-2577 for further information.


Lacoochee Takes First Steps to Form a Crime Watch and

Security Patrol Program

On Tuesday evening, April 24, about 30 interested Lacoochee residents and friends of the community met with representatives of the Pasco Sheriff’s Crime Prevention Unit to find out what is required to form a Crime Watch Unit in Lacoochee.

Deputy Hink (Officer Friendly) and Crime Prevention Specialist Tony Wilhem were there to discuss what is required to form such a unit. Also present to lend their support were Karen Marler Principal, Lacoochee Elementary School; Roger Kaminski, Director, The Christian Edge; Herb Green, President of GTCA; and Richard Riley of the Trilby Crime Watch/Security Patrol Program.

Deputy Hink discussed the benefits to the community and to law enforcement of residents banding together to become the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Office. Neighbors are familiar with the "comings and goings" of those in their immediate neighborhood and can detect any unusual activity taking place. "A reduction in criminal activity is seen in communities that install and work a Crime Watch Program," said Officer Hink.

Special Deputy Wilhem then discussed with the group the steps they must take to form a Crime Watch. "The Security Patrol part of the program requires a background check and completion of a 4-hour certification class which can be held in Lacoochee," Wilhem said.

Herb Green, pointed out some of the positive results realized in the Trilby area since their unit was formed 2 1/2 years ago and offered their help with the Lacoochee effort. Karen Marler and Roger Kaminski also spoke in favor of forming the unit.

The consensus of those present appeared to be very much in favor of proceeding with the project. Another meeting is scheduled soon at the First Baptist Church, Lacoochee.

Residents of Lacoochee and friends in the Tri-Community Area are encouraged to attend!

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Saint Leo Volunteers and

Trilby Trail Blazers

Help Trilby Country Cemetery

By Kathleen Fink

On Saturday, April 14, a clean up was held from 9 a.m. to noon at the neglected Trilby Country Cemetery, which is behind the bend in North Old Trilby Road, very near the Trilby Masonic Lodge.

Five Good Samaritans students from Saint Leo University assisted with the clean up. These caring individuals were Kyle Oathout, Tabitha Albury, Valerie and Kimberly Harridge and their driver Phillip Jesurun.

Also participating in the clean up were the members of the Trilby Trail Blazers: Jeremiah and Aaron Fink and Tiffany Eicher, along with her friend Paul.

Kathleen Fink of the Greater Trilby Community Association oversaw the project.

Those participating in the clean up came up with ideas to maintain, preserve and improve the cemetery. It was determined that there needs to be a clean-up day once a month at the cemetery and more help is needed from the community and area churches in the project.

The Trail Blazers need donated yard tools to help maintain the cemetery. The cemetery needs to be preserved now as the tombstones are degrading and the markers are not readable due to weathering.

Some graves are not marked at all, but in order to preserve the cemetery, the community must come together to clean it so that the county can use a sonogram machine to find and document the unmarked graves. Then the cemetery will need to be surveyed and fenced.

The cemetery is located between mile markers 45 and 44 on the east side of the Withlacoochee State Trail in Trilby.

Anyone who can help with this project is asked to please contact Kathleen Fink at 583-4150.

At a special meeting of the GTCA Crime Watch, Deputy Sanborn of the Sheriff’s Office presented awards to the Trilby Trail Blazers for their contributions to the community.


Trilby 4th of July Event!


The GTCA is planning an Old Fashioned 4th of July Picnic in the Trilby Manor Park next to the Mt. Olive AME Church.




Automated Community Connection to Economic Self-Sufficiency

Apply for Food Stamps, Temporary Cash Assistance or Medicaid.

Apply for Food Stamps, Temporary Cash Assistance or Medicaid.

Report Changes to your Food Stamps, Temporary Cash Assistance or Medicaid case.

Check Case Status or Benefit Information.

Medicare Prescription Drug Program - SSA's Low Income Subsidy application.

Information for Hurricane Katrina Evacuees

These services are available 10 am to 1 pm,

Tuesday through Saturday

at the Trilby House (Community Center),

37452 Trilby Road

Across from the Trilby Post Office

This service is provided by GTCA in cooperation with the Florida Department of Children and Families



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Community Easter Egg Hunt

at Stanley Park

Saturday, March 24th, was the day that many of the youngest Tri-Community residents looked forward to when they learned about a school – Sheriff – Stanley Park coordinated Easter Egg Hunt.

Over a hundred kids and adults participated in the mid-day event with over 500 plastic eggs, filled with candies and prizes.

"My basket is almost full."

Patiently waiting for the event.


Off and running


The Greater Trilby News

"Serving the Tri-community area"

Publisher: The Greater Trilby Community Association, (GTCA)

Herb Green --


Editor: Kathryn Riley --



The Greater Trilby News is a monthly publication of The Greater Trilby Community Association, Inc., and serves the tri-community area consisting of Lacoochee, Trilacoochee, and Trilby. This newsletter accepts articles concerning the association’s activities and articles of interest to the area.

A new bulletin board / Kiosk has been installed by the Office of Greenways and Trails.

According to Trail Manager, Steve Stackhouse, one side will be used for information about the trail and the other side may be used by the Trilby Association to provide local information about the community and its people.


Trilby Security Patrol

The Trilby Security Patrol is expanding its coverage to include the entire Christian Road, Trilacoochee, and outlying areas of Trilby Road in the West.

The expansion of the Patrol is because of specific requests by residents in those areas and recent problems.

The Security Patrol Needs You!


The Greater Trilby Security Patrol (GTSP) is a volunteer organization supported by the Crime Prevention Department of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and needs more volunteers. You are eligible if you are 18 years of age or over and haven’t had any felony or serious misdemeanor convictions. 

Selected volunteers go through a 4-hour training program and two 2-hour patrols with a certified Security Patrol member. Uniforms and insignia/markings for your car are furnished plus a gas allowance for each patrol. You determine when and the length of your patrol with the GTSP Patrol Coordinator.

GTSP has been operational for over 2 years and has been working to control crime in the Trilby area but we need to do more by scheduling daytime patrols and additional night patrols.

 Equestrian Security Patrol (photo of 3/7/06)

We are fully supported by the Sheriff’s Department and actually operate under its auspices. If we call in suspicious activity, a Sheriff’s Deputy is usually there in a very few minutes!

Come join us and enjoy the experience!  Call me at 583-5936 or GTCA at 583-4150 during office hours 10 am to 1 pm Tuesday thru Saturday for more information.

Herb Green, Pres. GTCA




The Trilby News is always looking for information and articles of local interest. If you have a story or want us to write one for you, please contact an officer of the Greater Trilby Community Association, or the Trilby News Editor.


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Richard Riley responds to Pasco Times

The Pasco Times edition of the St. Pete Times ran an editorial on April 18, 2007 following an article on April 15, 2007 about Northeast Pasco and Lacoochee. The article painted a negative, bleak view of the area, and quoted several people as saying that nothing has happened here in a long time, especially in the past four years. The editorial was better, but still didn’t have anything positive to say. I did have something positive to say, and they published it on Saturday, April 14.

  Letter to the Editor

Speaking as a resident of the area, I would like to remind you of the many POSITIVE events that are going on in our area.

1) The Christian Edge Coffee House, headed by Roger Kaminski, has been providing a safe, spiritual, and entertaining center for residents of all ages, kids to elders, each and every Saturday for the past three years. They are on the corner of 301 and Trilby Road, right in the middle of the communities.

2) Karen Marler, Principal of the Lacoochee Elementary School, has been holding monthly meetings (the fourth Thursday of each month at 9 am) of a Community Task Force at her school. Subjects range from education and safety to code enforcement and community events. Attendees have included leaders in the Sheriff’s Office, County Commissioners, County Prosecutors, Parks and Recreation Directors, area health agencies, other community associations, Officer Friendly and other Deputies, as well as many just plain residents and citizens.

3) The Greater Trilby Community Association provides a monthly meeting place in Trilby as well as a Crime Watch / Security Patrol. They publish an area newsletter every other month and have sponsored community events such as a Fall Festival and Children’s Safety Rally.

4) The Trilby Masonic Lodge continues to be an area resource and provided the volunteers for the Stanley Park Easter Egg Hunt this year.

5) Stanley Park, along with the Lacoochee Elementary School, has had many, many community events such as the "Touch a Truck" display of County and utility equipment for a hands-on activity this Friday, April 27.

6) The Gathering Place organization provides local country and gospel music each Saturday afternoon at the Trilby Methodist Church building.

And, as you recognized, Isa Blanford of the Housing Authority and Lottie Silas of the Boys and Girls Club bring a lot of positive resources and help to the area.

Yes, things can be better, and we can use all the help we can get, but we are not just sitting on our hands waiting for solutions to be given to us. We ARE working to try to make it better ourselves.

-- Richard K Riley -- 20235 Old Trilby Road,


"Touch a Truck" Day at Lacoochee Elementary School

There were trucks of all sizes, a limousine, two helicopters, one from the sheriff’s office and one from Bayfront Medical Center, police cars from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and even a horse at the second annual Touch a Truck Day held Friday, April 27 at Pasco County’s Stanley Park for the Lacoochee Elementary School classes.

Classes moved quietly from exhibit to exhibit and listened politely to the people explaining each exhibit. Things got a little louder when exhibitors showed off their machines. Wide-eyed kids craned their necks as a bucket truck rose higher and higher. Anyone who wanted to could climb through a limousine or make other kids jump when they blasted the sirens in the police cars. Four-year-old Joe Black, a black Percheron, and his friend and handler, Sheriff’s Deputy Frederick, were a big hit. Joe was so tall, many of the kids couldn’t reach his nose and had to give this gentle giant pats on his chest.

Bob Huber from Land O’ Lakes gave the kids rides in his hand-made train, which has a history. "When I was little, my father saw a picture of a train like this in a magazine," Mr. Huber said, "And he and my brother made it. My Dad gave rides to the kids in the neighborhood and they called him Papa Choo-Choo."

When Mr. Huber moved to Florida he decided to build his own train that he uses at the Sugar n’ Spice Day Care in Land O’ Lakes. The train cars are made of barrels, each equipped with a padded seat and a wooden steering wheel. The engine is a garden tractor, and a small generator provides the electricity for the whistle and other train sounds.


On the way back to their classrooms, the kids stopped to visit with Cpl. Hink, who is Officer Friendly for the Lacoochee area and gave them Fruit Roll-Ups for snacks later.