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Release to Pasco County News


Photos and Story By Richard Riley





Children Memorialized and Magnolia Park Dedicated in Trilby


Last Saturday, seven Florida children were remembered in a dedication of a Magnolia Memorial Park on the Withlacoochee Trail in Trilby. 


Hillary Sessions, mother of Tiffany Sessions who was abducted in 1989 and is still missing, helped Trilby resident Kathleen Fink in her dream to establish a permanent memorial to recent missing children. 


The dedication was at the mid-point of the Trilby Fall Festival, held in the town center.  Supporting the event were social agencies, clubs, organizations, libraries, county and state agencies and commercial vendors who provided information, products or entertainment.


Several churches and ministries provided refreshments, snacks and a simple lunch.  The Sheriff’s Department provided demonstrations of a police dog in training.  Children were also offered the opportunity to get fingerprinted and photographed for home records in case they ever go missing or are abducted. 


Two lucky children won bicycles that were donated by a member of The Greater Trilby Community Association.  Other prizes were awarded by different agencies.


Overall there were more than 115 in attendance, making this event more successful than the first Children’s Safety Rally last year. The Trilby Fall Festival and Second Children’s Safety Rally was organized and sponsored by The Greater Trilby Community Association whose monthly meetings are on the third Thursday of each month at 7pm at the Community Center.  Kathleen Fink is the Vice President of the Association.




Children from three counties had a hayride down the Withlacoochee Trail to the newly refurbished Trilby Park.



Shirley Moody demonstrated to the assembled children on the Withlacoochee Trail, tricks that she has taught her Andalusian horse.



Hillary Sessions reads from the memorial plaque that was placed in the Magnolia Memorial Park on the Withlacoochee Trail.



Brandy Linville of the Lacoochee Baptist Church and area Girl Scouts paints the face of one of the Fall Festival participants.