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Trilby Fall Festival

Saturday, September 30th


The second annual Trilby Children’s Safety Rally has been incorporated into a Fall Festival for the Greater Trilby area, and will be held on the last day of this month. 

“We had a very successful event last year, and we look forward to again supporting children in the area and remembering those who have been victims,” stated Herb Green, GTCA President.  “This year, because of scheduling problems and conflicts, we have decided to incorporate the presentations of social services and community entertainment, along with the dedication of a special ‘Memorial Park’ in the Withlacoochee Trail.”

The primary purpose of the festival is to help parents with identification and services for their children.

The Festival begins at 10 AM on Saturday, the 30th, and runs till 2 PM with the dedication of the Memorial Park at noon.  Anticipated participants are:  Hilary Sessions, mother of Tiffany who was abducted; representatives from Kirk Browning’s office who will demonstrate and provide training on the county’s new voting machines; the Bloodnet bloodmobile, the Sheriff’s Office, and other social service agencies.

Coffee and snacks will be available at 10, provided by the Christian Edge Coffee House, and John Stewart of Mosstown Convenience Store will assist in providing and serving lunch.

There will be a special prize drawing of a girl’s and a boy’s bike at the end of the day.  A member of the Greater Trilby Community Association is donating the cost of two bikes at Wal-Mart.

If all goes as planned, there will be “hay rides” to the Trilby Playground and Park just behind Trilby Manor.  The park is maintained by Pasco County and has been recently upgraded with new roads and playground equipment.

Entrainment will include demonstrations of Pasco County Sheriff’s K-9 dogs by their handlers, and in the morning, there will be karate demonstrations by Bill Spivey of Spivey Karate.  He will show how small children can defend themselves and then half an hour later, how older children can defend themselves.  Arion, the trick horse from Trilby Trails, will show off just before the memorial dedication at noon and again at 12:30.

Smokey the Bear and a Talking Sheriff’s Car will also make appearances.